Test if you are brazen?

Test if you are brazen?

After class today, not only did you unfortunately run into a traffic jam, and you did n’t eat lunch. When you got home, you were already robbing your intestines. What ‘s more tragic is that parents are going to invite guests to dinner today, and the guests have not yet arrived.

You who have always taught your family carefully, of course, dare not start.

  How to do it?

Is it important to have a stomach problem or to save face?


Even if you starve to death, keep waiting. B.

First find some snacks, instant noodles, etc.

Told Parents D.

Starving to death does not pay for his life, let him be thirty-seven, hurry up and eat something good!

  Analysis of the results: The person who chooses A is cool, you are really cool!

Stubborn can, standard death face!

Let me tell you, if you have such a strong and powerful ability to work, wow!

It really is a man of unlimited future.

  The candidate B is very competitive because he is unwilling to convince others. He often gets out of control because he is too impulsive!

  Those who choose C are really envious of you. You can dare to do it without thinking through your brain!

And he never asks how he feels when doing things. As long as you want to do it, no one in the world can stop you from any plan!


  If you choose D, you are so cute. You are so cute at home.

However, because of your good words, there are indeed many people who cannot refuse you.

Even more, because you have an excellent and careful mind, you won’t be indifferent to doing things, so your popularity is usually good.