5 key points to cleanse your face and improve skin texture


5 key points to cleanse your face and improve skin texture

In fact, washing your face is not simply cleaning your skin. Through proper washing methods, you can also improve your skin texture and make your skin better.

  A, skin problems can be solved by washing the face, especially the skin with excess oil secretion and insufficient moisture, which will cause the excess oil to oxidize, resulting in thickening, hardening of the stratum corneum, hiding dirt and bacterial growth.

This kind of skin problem can be solved by proper face washing method.

  B, make good use of the rich additional effects of facial cleansers. The current facial cleansing products can not only clean dirt, but also various additional effects.

For example, some can gently remove melanin-containing keratin to achieve the purpose of whitening; some can clean the oil deep in the pores to prevent acne; some can remove old horny and improve dull skin tone.

A slight treatment of skin problems during the face wash phase can make the following skin care products more effective.

  C. Replace the appropriate facial cleanser according to the skin condition of the day. Many people are suitable for a facial cleanser and use it daily until they are used up.

Does this slow approach help the skin return to its ideal state every day?

If the cleansing product cleans sebum too much, even if it is moisturized afterwards, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, the state of the skin changes every day, and it is considered that it is type XX, and the changes of the skin are ignored. Such a blind approach violates the first rule.

It is recommended to prepare a full range of cleaning products and choose to use according to the skin condition of the day.

  D, according to the actual needs, choose the thickness and shape of the face wash. For face wash, people easily have their own preferences.

Those who like to use facial cleansers always feel unclean with other products; those who like to use lotions feel that other products are too dry.

Even if you choose different brands of valuable products, the shape and shape of the cleansing products rarely change.

It is necessary to consciously break through the preconceived notions and choose products that truly suit you.

  E, healthy face washing method, make pores smaller and dry, pore problems, stains . almost all skin problems can be solved by decontamination.

However, if you cannot clean it and make the skin react with resistance, it will be more difficult to remove dirt, which will cause problems such as dullness and enlarged pores.

If you continue to wash your face in the wrong way, sebum will clog your pores and form acne.

The correct cleaning method is to improve the body’s own metabolic capacity and let the skin excrete dirt and oil.

If you use the healthy facial cleansing method described below, the stain will disappear after 10 days. Even if you only use lotion, you can moisturize all day long.