[How to make jelly]_Jelly_How to make_Homely

[How to make jelly]_Jelly_How to make_Homely

Now many people like to eat jelly very much, and they know that the nutritional value of jelly is very high, so everyone inevitably likes to make it by themselves at home. When making jelly, you need to pay attention to methods and techniques. Usually you need to prepareThere are mung bean starch, as well as appropriate water and a variety of pepper oil, garlic onion sauce, these are all necessary seasonings when making jelly.

The practice of Sichuan-style jelly jelly: Jelly jelly made in-house, excluding staff and various additives, feels relieved.

Material: 200ml mung bean starch (other starches are also possible, some potato starch, sweet potato starch, but the color texture will make a difference), the ratio of 1000ml water to starch is 1: 5, 200ml and 1000ml water can make LOCK1LA box of fresh-keeping boxes.

Seasoning: Laogan Mom Dou Sauce, Scallion, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Salt, Vinegar, Pepper Noodles, Chili Oil, MSG, Sugar.

Method: 1. Add 1000ml of cold water to the pot; 2. Put the mung bean starch into the water and stir well; 3. Heat the pot on the fire and stir with a spoon to keep it evenly heated.

When the starch water becomes hot, reduce the heat and stir constantly until the starch becomes transparent. When all the starch becomes transparent, turn off the heat and start again for a while, and feel sticky;In the mold, smooth it out and let it cool to form. You can also put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate. 5. Invert the formed jelly, cut into filaments or thin slices; 6. Use the old dried mung bean paste, shallot, garlic, soy sauce,The sesame oil, salt, vinegar, pepper noodles, chili oil, monosodium glutamate, and sugar are mixed into seasonings according to your taste, poured on jelly, and mixed well when eating.

A very rich tempeh sauce is used in the northern Sichuan jelly. The tempeh sauce in the seasoning is the key. The method of making the tempeh sauce is: Materials: 100 grams of black bean soup, 50 grams of bean paste in Shexian County, 50 grams of vegetable oil, and ginger 5Grams, 10 grams of sugar, a small amount of MSG, 5 grams of water starch Method: 1, chop black bean paste and Shexian Douban separately; 2, heat and put oil in the pot, put Yixian Douban into fried incense; 3, add blackStir-fry with tempeh and ginger; 4. Add sugar, MSG to taste, just simmer with water starch, and use as jelly seasoning after drying.