Psychological deviation of love


Psychological deviation of love

Love is the first nature of a person, and everyone yearns for a kind of vulgar love.

Because of love, there are many unrealistic illusions.

Once the illusions fail, there will be disappointment and psychological deviation.

  The psychological deviation of love is because the ideal is not in line with reality.

It is universal and affects everyone’s love mentality and the development of love.

  Of course, each couple hopes that their love is the most perfect, and the climax during the love can be maintained forever.

This idealism is contrary to the laws of reality.

If you love too deeply, you will feel burdened, and if you love too shallow, you will not feel warm enough.

Tenderness sometimes causes cowardice, strength and almost imperiousness.

Imagination is too impractical, and reality feels tacky.

Usually feel uninteresting, too capable and worried about not being reliable.

  Maybe, he (she) has a deep love for you, and your love can also overcome the severe test and come very hard.

But if you are full of the fantasy of Prince Charming and Snow White, and just want to verify the love according to the ideal mode in your mind, but you can’t look at it realistically, then you will make it more and more disappointing and frustrating., The idea is getting more radical, even unreasonable.

This kind of unbalanced mindset will often lead you to make mistakes, and make the love between the hearts and hearts irreparable.

  Love is like a flower. Any dirt will eclipse it, and any trace of withering will bring death.

During love, reason is often weaker than emotion, easily blinded by illusions, nerves are more fragile, and often feel sad for trivial matters.

A slump will attract complaints.

One injury leaves a permanent scar on the mind.

The enemies, even fighting openly, can still make peace.

For one sentence and one look between lovers, they can turn their eyes for life.

In fact, why don’t you want your love to last for a long time, but you are too demanding of it, and you have lost your precious common sense, so that your love will disappear because of the overwhelming burden.

  You can hold the dream of love as much as possible and leave a imagination for love.

But if you violate the influence of psychological bias, your love may be biased, so you must not take it lightly!

5 kinds of health wines that help women to get rid of cold in winter

5 kinds of health wines that help women to get rid of cold in winter

It is easy to get cold hands and feet in winter, because the blood cannot reach the limbs.

If you drink some wine this season, you can achieve the effect of warming up.

Women’s health in winter, is it appropriate to drink some kind of wine?

Today I come to recommend five health wines suitable for women.

  Baili liqueur Bailey liqueur is made by colorless spirits, brandy, gin or other distilled spirits mixed with pure juices squeezed by fruits, flowers, plants and other natural materials, and then distilled, the alcohol content is not high, Sweet taste.

Baileys can be mixed with ice or crushed ice, or with soda, or even milk and ice cream.

  Popular drinking method in Club: Use the smallest white wine glass with 5/6 Baileys, and then pour 1/6 vodka.

Baileys will sink to the bottom of the glass.

Then ignite the vodka in the cup noodles, insert a straw, and drink Baileys at an accelerated speed.

  Fruit wine Fruit wine refers to wine made from fruits other than grapes. The main raw materials are apple, pear, cherry, black currant, strawberry, plum, kiwi and so on.

The method of making fruit wine is basically the same as that of wine, that is, the fruit is crushed, the juice is squeezed, and the yeast is added to ferment, and the alcohol content is 5-6% to 15-16%.

The unique personality and sweetness of the fruit are retained, so the place is relaxed and happy.

  Fruit wine is very suitable for women to conceive, it is good for the heart, and every day thinks that health wine is good.

  Blue Margaret Blue Margaret is made from agave, blue citrus wine, sugar, crushed ice and salt.

The bartender put a circle of lemon juice in the cup, dipped it evenly, then poured the ice cubes and materials into the juicer, shake and pour into the cup, and immediately presented the blue ocean like Maldives.

  Tequila can be used: put the salt on the back of the tiger’s mouth, use the tongue to roll the salt into the mouth, then drink a small glass of tequila, then pick up a small slice of lemon and pour the pulpIn the entrance.

  Cocktails The so-called cocktails are actually mixed wines, which generally refers to mixing spirits with fruit juices, sodas, etc., and occasionally adding other materials such as cream, eggs, etc., to substantially reduce the alcohol content of spirits, so it isCan be popular among women.

  The taste of cocktails varies with the mind of the bartender.

In order to add color and beauty to the cocktail, it is also worth decorating.

  BLOODMARY Bloody Mary is scented with a tomato juice, but the vodka in the mouth makes the mouth smooth.

The slight spicyness of tomato juice trembled between the tip of the tongue and the teeth, very lingering.

During the American Prohibition, Bloody Mary was very popular in the underground bar, known as “Drunken Tomato Juice”.

How does girl bodybuilding choose the right diet?

How does girl bodybuilding choose the right diet?

As soon as a girl enters puberty, she hopes to have a fit body.

Therefore, in order to be slim, some of them would abstain from diet, resulting in insufficient calories, lack of protein, developmental metabolism, thin yellow muscles, but lost the youthful brilliance of girls, and seriously damaged their health.

Some people eat high-transient food too much, and even eat supplements and tonics, which results in metabolic disorders, bloated puffiness and no fitness at all.

  The teenage period is an important period of growth and development. The body urgently needs all kinds of nutrients. First of all, it is a contradiction in protein requirements. The diet should be eaten with coarse and fine grains. Milk, dairy products, eggs and meat can be eaten on non-staple food.

During the growth and development of adolescent girls, the amount of calcium and phosphorus is also high. If they make up for the deficiency, it will affect the growth and development of bones and even the development of the body, which will destroy the beauty of the body.

Therefore, you must eat more foods that contain more phosphorus and calcium, such as milk, eggs, shrimp and soybeans, sesame, spinach, etc., animal liver, rape, celery, etc. contain more iron, you should also eat more to supplement menstrual loss andIron required for hematopoiesis.

Vitamins are also inedible in teenage years.

  Vitamin A can maintain the normal growth and development of the body and make people’s eyes bright.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause mild rickets or osteoporosis.

Vitamin C deficiency is prone to bleeding.

Vitamin B1 helps smooth skin.

These vitamins are mostly found in animal livers, eggs and cod liver oil, spinach, carrots, peppers and other foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C.

Crow’s bright hair is a symbol of health, and often eat foods with high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals such as fruits, carrots, sunflower seeds, soybeans, peanuts, sesame, bean sprouts, cod liver oil, etc., so that people keep their hair dark, skin soft, and figureShapely.

  It is very important to strengthen nutrition in adolescence, but it should be appropriate and must not be eaten indiscriminately, otherwise it can cause obesity; on the other hand, undernutrition, inadequate nutrition causes skin weakness and affects body development.

Therefore, a relative balance between nourishment and consumption must be achieved. Persist in physical exercise to promote rehabilitation digestion and absorption so that the whole body gets more nutrition, a strong body, well-balanced bones, and a straight body.

What are the secrets of keeping the elderly healthy?

What are the secrets of keeping the elderly healthy?

First of all, regular physical examinations are now recognized by most people. The role of physical examination is a scientific and advanced method of managing their own health. Now young people will insist on not insisting for two to three years, let alone elderly people with high disease.It is even more important to ignore the medical examinations that must be done every year to help you discover some early-stage illnesses.

Now the physical examination is also more convenient, such as TTM physical examination, direct whole body scan, screening systemic diseases, early detection of potential diseases of the body, and safe and economical.

Therefore, scientific and reasonable diet food can not only satiety, supplement the body needs, some foods also have the effect of strengthening the resistance and preventing diseases, such as garlic has the effect of sterilization and anti-cancer.

Do not picky eaters, partial eclipses, overeating or deliberate dieting in your life. This can lead to malnutrition, reduced physical resistance, and increased risk of illness.

Do not eclipse is not to let you eat anything, to eat things to be scientific and rational, to eat regularly, the choice of food is harmless to the human body.

Don’t eat anything in order to satisfy your appetite, such as fried, barbecue, pickles, canned food, instant food products, frozen foods and beverages, biscuits and other processed junk foods.Orality is not alarmist.

Once again, insisting on exercising the body is the capital of the revolution. Participating in physical exercise is the most direct and effective way to keep fit. For the elderly, there is a lot of extra time to exercise every day, and you can go to the park to practice the sword in your spare time.You can exercise by tai chi, running, jumping and dancing, but it is best not to go out for exercise in the morning, because the air contains a lot of harmful gases and substances, and it is harmful to your health when you breathe into the body. It is best to wait until the sun comes out.It is more appropriate to go out to the ground and go out for dinner for an hour or so after dinner. This is also a better way to exercise.

Finally, to maintain a good state of mind, it is good to see what is good, so-called contentment is probably just that.

For the elderly, maintaining a broad state of mind is the best way to maintain health and the secret of longevity!

If you are irritated all day, the chances of suffering from cerebrovascular disease will rise sharply. Therefore, the elderly must maintain a peaceful attitude, laugh at everything, and maintain a good attitude is the “prescription” to maintain good health.

Are men inertia-lying animals?

Are men inertia-lying animals?

Some people say that men are animals that habitually lie. In this world, there are no men who do not lie, only men who do not know how to lie.

  For example, he was obviously drinking and having fun with a group of friends, but when his girlfriend called, he secretly hid in the toilet and said that he was still working overtime;

  For another example, he clearly met his first love and had a meal with her. When his girlfriend asked about his whereabouts last night, he said that the person eating with him was an old male classmate.

  Knowing that once a lie is pierced, a fierce battle between the two parties is indispensable, ranging from three to five days, up to one or two months or even more.

However, after a panic, the man did not learn to be honest in his obedience. Instead, he became worse, as if suffering from a lie-addiction disorder, and he became more and more knowledgeable in making up lies. The more he said, the more it became true.

  Some men will probably defend themselves because women like to be jealous and are always suspicious. In order to avoid being told by the woman after the truth is told, men have to lie and reduce the quarrel caused.

In this way, lying is said to be justified to men. They just lie, just to avoid all subsequent actions of the woman, as if all to maintain this relationship, to prevent the two sides from arguing about such trivial matters.

Sports skincare can be beautiful without plastic surgery_2

Sports skincare can be beautiful without plastic surgery

Guide: What is the method to make the whole body skin firm and delicate?

Not plastic surgery, but sports skincare.

Statistics show that a big misunderstanding of women’s weight loss is that they only do aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise can make you thin, but your body is beautiful.

A smarter way is to do strength exercises properly, or to do squats, sprints, and other mobile training twice a week, plus moisturizing and care products for the whole body, and sports skin care methods, you can make your whole body skinMore compact.

  Windmill sports skincare feet separate with shoulder width, the right arm is lifted vertically above the head, and the left arm naturally hangs down.

Keep your eyes on your right hand, then bend down, touch the floor with the tip of your left finger, rest for about 10 seconds, then return to the original position, then repeat on the other side, doing this alternately 10 times.

Complete all the movements into 1 group, 3 groups per day, 3 days per week.

  The push-up jump on the pad starts with a push-up, with the heels close together, hands on the ground, and shoulder width, straightening the arms so that the upper part is above the wrist.

Then both feet jump out longer at the same time, with a distance of about 100 cm, and then both feet jump back to the original position at the same time.

Repeat 10 times for 1 group, 3 groups a day, 3 days a week.

This sports skincare action is actually quite flawed, it can better tighten the abdominal muscles and skin, and at the same time increase the exercise of the cardiopulmonary system.

New York fitness coach Brooke Siler used this action to help Kirsten Dunst perform abdominal shaping.

  Hip-hocking and jogging can also exercise skin care.

Heel raised back, hitting shoulder.

You must have learned this movement in elementary school. I do n’t know if the primary school physical education teacher was inspired by Hollywood coaches or the experience of Hollywood coaches in China. In short, this hip kicking operation has also been replaced by natural plastic surgery.Has a good effect on tightening the skin of the chest and legs.

  It’s true to improve sitting posture, improving sitting posture is also a kind of sports skin care.

Just pay attention to tightening your abdomen and improving your sitting posture at any time, it will make your abdominal skin firmer and make you look a few pounds lighter.

If you are in the driver’s seat of a car, adjust the seat so that the front is upright and do not drive in a semi-lying position.

If you are riding a bicycle, you must adjust the seat height and never ride with your back on your back.

Message from the editor: For the use of various skin care products, sports skin care should be longer and healthier.

Chinese single men and women documentary

Chinese single men and women documentary

Being single is a kind of freedom, but at present, Chinese people are not much free to be single.

  People are shaking up to 30 every year.

The worry of the 30-year-old single is not the loneliness that exists on weekends and festivals, but the embarrassment is that people and friends who have nothing to do with you or people who have nothing to do with you. Sympathy and surprise always unconsciously emerge, “Ah?

Not married yet?


Do n’t pick any more . ”That did n’t say the meaning was this: If you do n’t marry, you wo n’t be able to marry. What do you think is so high? There ‘s nothing wrong with it.The crowd, they are in good conditions, work hard, and even have a positive attitude to life, but they are single and passive, and they have not been able to enter the door of marriage.

  In fact, the single population is growing larger.

Census data show that in 1982, there were 1745752 single households. By 1990, more than 8 million people were not married. Around 1990, there were more than 200,000 single men and women in Beijing. Now the figure in Nanjing alone has reached400,000, Beijing and Shanghai are even more millions.

Sociologists have long proposed a 4-level theory, that is, men and women are divided into four levels from A to D according to their quality. A man looks for B women, B man looks for C women, C man looks for D women, and only ends up with A.Women and D men cannot match.

If we look at the 10: 1 ratio of single men and women in 1990, there should be room for women to choose a spouse, but the cruel thing is that 90% of the total single population is replaced by D men in social difficulties or remote mountainous areas.

  The embarrassing situation of older single women can be seen everywhere.

Take the Beijing Red Maple Women’s Hotline as the host of the 8-year weekend singles club. For example, in this club with a college degree as the starting point and a maximum number of more than 1,000 people, 40% of unmarried members and 70% of women.

The Beijing Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation established a club in early 1999 for the increasingly obvious single issue of employees. It has grown from more than 100 people at the start to more than 600 today, compared to foreign companies that are single-dominated2.

60,000 employees, a pitifully small number.

An important contradictory factor is that the ratio of male and female members is 4: 6, and the age of men at the Shanghai Population Intelligence Research Center has a set of data on the evolution of marriage in Shanghai: 180,000 marriages in 1980;Yes; in 1997 it was 100,000 pairs.

The decreasing trend shows from one aspect that late marriage has become a common phenomenon for both men and women.

In December 1998, Beijing Erhai Company conducted a survey of 796 Beijing residents. It mentioned that women’s ideal husbands are successful careers, and men’s dream lover should be gentle and beautiful.

  What does it mean for a man to succeed in his career?

Employment risks are self-sufficient, medical endowment insurance is self-sufficient, and housing and education are self-sufficient. Therefore, the burden of marriage on a man is contradictory. According to surveys, starting a business before starting a family is the first choice for men today.

  Feng Jian, who works for an IT company, will be his 31st birthday after the Spring Festival. After coming to Beijing for 3 years, countless nights, including weekends, leave the office at 11 o’clock, and people like him are desperate everywhere.
The younger sister ‘s children are 2 years old, but her grandmother is looking forward to a great-grandson. Feng Jian is guilty, but he said, “Now a man does n’t earn 100,000. What is the capital of 200,000 to marry a wife and have children?

Besides, if you don’t do well in your career, it will be a matter of survival, but if you want to do well in your career, how can you have time and benefits to accompany your girlfriend?

In our circle, how many bosses have divorced, either have an affair or are busy. My wife can’t stand the nine unbalanced sexes, and they are paying the price for the excessive independence or dependence they have to overcome.

  The problem of being single is that, as being single, the situation and mentality of men and women are definitely different.

In the Second Sex, known as the Woman’s Bible, Simon.
Beauvoir pointedly pointed out that the meaning given to women by social traditions is marriage. “For girls, marriage is the only way to integrate with society. If no one wants to marry them, from a social point of view, they will change.Into waste “.

These words written in the 1940s are still meaningful today.

  There is almost no pressure on men from selling to devaluing.

Zhang Fang, who is nearly 36 years old, is still single because he has no time to fall in love. For example, his business has allowed him to have 4 houses and bought a Santana 2000.

Zhang Fang said that in this dimension, there are a lot of men and women who are single, and women are big salaries of 200,000 a year. Although we always play together, we do n’t feel anyhow, “We wo n’t choose them, two peopleThey are busy, and the house is not yet a hotel. ”

Zhang Fang’s goal is clear: young, beautiful, centered on him.

Although his story is clearly a subdivision of money and love, the success of his career has increased his price.

  Similarly, for women, the more successful their careers, the more happiness and worry they enjoy, and the more complicated they become. “Well done well than married well” has become a popular concept in society.

Liu Mei, who works for a foreign company, is a middle-level manager of the company with a monthly salary of 1 million, but the kind of devotion to pay for the position and the loneliness at the height makes her physically tired.”.

On the one hand is the traditional concept rooted in society-strong men and weak women, male big women filial piety and male high women low, while on the other hand is the expectation of quality of life.

Liu Mei said, “You can’t rely on a man, rely on yourself, but the more independent you are, the more you find that men can’t tolerate you.

Why don’t women expect someone to love, but the more you look at it, the more you know that some kind of man can’t marry.

Critical sociologists have described this to older women: “Their conditions for choosing a spouse are too high, and they are to blame. Some even hope that the other party” looks like an actor, has a good body like an athlete, learns to act like a role, speaks like an actorShe should be like a waiter, and her position should not be lower than that of senior civil servants. ”
“The advice they pointed out was: be more tolerant of the man’s appearance, be more proactive in courtship methods, and be more flexible in mating conditions.

Sociologists have calculated that if a 30-year-old female graduate student chooses a spouse according to traditional standards, her choice is only 0.
2%, and irrespective of three (no age, no education, no marriage, funeral, divorce, etc.), choose 20%.

  But repeatedly persuaded her to ignore unilaterally, and the reality also caused women to run into walls repeatedly.

Ms. Wang Xingjuan was lamented when she noticed the universal reality of flowers and fruitlessness in the club. She thought that modern men were too eager for quick success. “The people who come to the club on weekends are very purposeful.I have been a member for 7 years and haven’t found anything yet.


Feelings need to be cultivated, but the men who take the initiative to participate have a “Mailang effect”. I just think this lady is good, and next time I see a new one, it is better, just like that Mailang, one after anotherBo’s pick.

“Liu Mei, who has participated in two events in the singles club, also deeply understands this.” So many women and men are like babies, but most of them simply use the attitude of playing and know you first.God, I just want to go to your house for permission, you refuse him, and I will no longer ignore you in the future, anyway, there are women . A similar disappointment and embarrassment will strengthen women’s requirements for marriage.

Many single women have the right to “worry their parents for a while, but not for a lifetime”. “Since it’s been a long time, you should choose it well.”

However, the more you want to choose, the more you lose the choice. The strange circle seems to be set up specifically for women.

  The dilemma of singles and marriage dilemmas that women would rather be cautious may be related to the news that divorce rates are increasing year by year.

Since the 1980s, China ‘s divorce rate has skyrocketed. In 1980, divorce replaced zero.

7%; divorced and retired in 19951.

Among the civil cases prosecuted by the people’s courts, the divorce was the minority, with more than 810,000 in 1990, more than 860,000 in 1991, more than 1.03 million in 1994, and more than 1.24 million in 1997 .The situation is even worse. The latest annual population reports of European indicators indicate that the marriage rate of residents in European countries has generally fallen to the lowest point ever, the divorce rate has increased, and the proportion of illegitimate children has also increased significantly, especially in the Nordic countries, These divorce rates are almost half of the same year.

  It seems that, although marriage is no longer a “career” that every adult man and woman must complete, digital substitution replaces the enthusiasm for someone entering the marriage.

“Marriage is both a burden and a benefit to both parties.” This is a consensus.

Sociologists also believe that there is a good message: in the fiercely competitive modern life, families have psychological adjustment functions, such as a happy and complete marriage will make people feel like 60,000 pounds of sediment every year, and menWill live longer due to marriage, a more peaceful mindset, higher employment rates, higher promotion rates . This is the latest function given to family and marriage in this new era.

Meng Tian said profoundly about the meaning of the family: “?




And property in marriage is of course as important as beauty or beauty, or more important than them.

“China is far from a tolerant climate of” singleness and abstinence. ”

According to reports, reporters understand that even in certain groups (a certain art circle) who dare to accept unmarried sexual relationships, this behavior is vague, and strong social traditions have made marriage a guarantee of normal male healthneed.

  ”Every state of man is both a physiological state and a psychological state,” said Danish, an expert on international consensus.

Therefore, although married people often yearn for the unrestrainedness of singles, they even live in the state of a gorgeous “single nobleman.” The long-term absence of “normal, stable sexual relations also affectsOur mood, “said Liu Mei, who works in a foreign company.

Liu Mei and her older girlfriends who work in foreign companies are now keen on one thing: immigration.

They believed that in a foreign country, they were single, living together, and getting married.

Divorce, foreigner stereotypes do not point to personal lifestyles, “They like you just like you, and there are not so many other people’s standards to replace in their emotions.

“The first step a woman can hope for independence is economics, and independence at the expense of marriage will turn the economy into a huge burden.

If Liu Meis could not go abroad, the immediate problem would be to buy a house (renting a house costs as much as in Beijing-and the rented house will never be home).

“Once a person grows up, he must have his own space. This is a step by step to maintain a good mood.

If I live with my parents and don’t marry one day, they will worry about it for a day, and feel that you are pressing them on your husband.

Liu Mei reluctantly said, “If it were two people, wouldn’t it have been easier?”

Marriage is like having roots.

Marriage can make people feel cumbersome, suffocating, lack of freedom, but marriage is also peaceful and mature. Many people who enter into marriage think: “Marriage is the most growth-promoting person, who has not experienced marriage, life is a kind ofdefect.

A recent survey published by the National Institute of Public Opinion Research at the University of Chicago said that in 1997, 49% of mature, professional, and mother-generating women felt that they should treat their children like children at home.Maintain close relationships; by 1998, this proportion was as high as 68%.

Family is the home of a woman’s soul.

The same is true for men.

The eternal law is “escape”. Fleeing from single to marriage, and then fleeing from marriage to single, very few people refuse to move.

How to eat healthy foods for different people

How to eat healthy foods for different people

I’m usually too busy to work and can only eat fast food; how easy is it to go to the weekend and not toil my stomach?

This state of eating, I believe many urban people will not feel strange.

However, too much nutrition, eating too much fine, and irrational dietary structure are causing more and more diseases.

How can we prevent the food we eat from eventually becoming poisonous in our bodies?

Lu Xiong, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that you might be a “omnivorous animal” and eat more grains.

  Short-term + over-nutrition and over-nutrition in the restaurant. Heir to the nation’s experience of old traditional Chinese medicine, director of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Metabolism Department of Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the popularity of fast-food culture has led many white-collar workers to regularly take in excess nutrition; various meals.It also makes too many people who are too busy to entertain eat too long. In addition, modern people often exercise too little and their digestion is poor. The “good things” they eat cannot be absorbed, but they become toxic substances in the body.Into disease. ”

  Lu Xiong pointed out that the relationship between diet and disease has been valued in ancient times.

“Thousands of years ago, the ancients knew that eating too much, too good, would also cause serious illness.

Nowadays, diet-related diseases such as diabetes are very common, which is enough to prove the ancestor’s point is very reasonable.

“To be a” omnivorous animal “on the weekend” The best way to stay away from these diseases caused by improper diet is to eat more grains.

Lu Xiong said that the “grain cereals” he was referring to were not a few grains and grains in a narrow sense, but a variety of “omnivorous foods” such as cereals, beans, coarse grains, and wild vegetables in a broad sense.

  ”Sweet potatoes such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and wild vegetables such as sweet potato leaves and pepper leaves are good foods for urban people who usually eat too fine. In summer, when the soup is hot and humid, put some barley.Lentils, eyebrows, red beans, etc., can also maintain the spleen and dampness, clearing heat and removing heat.

Lu Xiong said, usually do not use rice when cooking porridge and rice. Instead, add some cereals or beans such as corn and cook them together, which is good-looking and adds nutrition.

  Reminder: Special Populations Must Have Choices Lu Xiong also reminded that some special populations, such as patients with diabetes and patients with kidney disease, should have choices when eating miscellaneous grains.

“Diabetic patients should choose cereals with an increased glycemic index, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Patients with kidney disease should pay attention to protein absorption. When selecting beans, foods with higher protein content such as soybeans should be reduced.

“” It’s not good to eat miscellaneous grains, but you can’t eat more.

Lu Xiong reminded that the effects of different grains are different, and the suitable groups are different.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different colors of food have different effects.

Usually, black enters the kidney, red enters the blood, yellow enters the spleen, cyan enters the liver, and white enters the lungs.

Therefore, red dates and other foods are more suitable for women, and mung beans and other foods have the effect of relieving liver and clearing heat.

How to eat whole grains

Children: Recommended mainly for scarcity: mung bean porridge, Huaishan flour, Poria cake. Children often have insufficient spleen and incompleteness, which determines that they need more comprehensive nutrition.

In addition to breast milk, porridge and other staple foods, appropriate feeding of groceries to infants and young children can supplement different nutrition.

“If your child starts drinking porridge, you can add mung beans, kelp, red beans, etc. to the porridge. When the weather is hot, it can relieve the heat and provide a variety of trace elements.

“” However, children must eat small amounts of cereals and cook them thinner.

“Lu Xiong reminded that due to the poor spleen and stomach function of children, when adding miscellaneous grains, it should be based on strengthening the spleen.” For example, Huaishan noodles are easy to brew and have spleen strengthening effect.In ancient courts, it was still a snack for princes and princesses. ”


Elderly: Recommended mainly for rotten: millet porridge, rice cakes, “elderly blood”, “deterioration of body shape” in the elderly, physical function began to weaken, and the spleen and stomach were not good.

Therefore, the principle of eating less and eating more food should be observed when eating miscellaneous grains.

In order to facilitate digestion and absorption, also pay attention to cooking food as much as possible, rotten.

  Elderly people usually do not have much activity. Lu Xiong suggested that you can eat some grains outside of three meals a day. “Eat a few grains of peanuts, a few pieces of rice cakes, and some millet porridge.

“For the deterioration of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in the elderly, you can also eat some heart-friendly foods such as peach kernels and almonds.


Women: Recommended for nourishing blood: Red dates, black beans, and wormwood women’s biggest physiological feature is menstruation.

Therefore, in addition to the staple food, women can eat more red dates, medlars, red beans, cooked land, black beans and other foods that have blood-enriching effects, and use them as soup or porridge.

  Lu Xiong reminded that women “should be cleaned before menstruation and supplemented after menstruation.”

“Women with hypogas have better absorption after menstruation.

He suggested that women can eat red dates, medlars, bouillon soup or boiled eggs after menstruation; if postpartum women need blood, try black beans and pig hands, etc. Cantonese like “Ginger Vinegar (Pork Feet Ginger)””Also falls into this category.  4.

Men: Stomach nourishing is mainly recommended: Hawthorn, tangerine peel, tartary buckwheat tea males are “masculine bodies”, which is relatively hot, plus the general male activity is reduced, so that they are in a more tense state, so the body is easy to overcome.

“Modern men are more socially entertained and under-eating, but most of them are big fish and meat, so they need to eat more grains.

Lu Xiong believes that men should pay attention to nourishing their stomachs. He recommends that men with more entertainment can eat foods that are good for spleen and spleen, such as hawthorn cake, bitter buckwheat tea, or dried peel.

Wild licorice is also used indiscriminately

Wild “licorice is also used indiscriminately

Licorice, a traditional Chinese medicine, can treat many common diseases.
But don’t pay attention, use it casually, and safe licorice also has dangerous moments.
  Speaking of licorice, everyone is no stranger.
In the Chinese herbal medicine kingdom, it is regarded as a monarch and is widely used.
However, it should be noted that licorice is also a medicine after all, and it is not without harm.
There are advantages and disadvantages, if not used properly, it will also reduce the efficacy and increase the side effects.
  Licorice is often used in spleen deficiency, lung deficiency, qi deficiency, qi deficiency and blood deficiency, heart sputum, pulse generation, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency can not be used.
When clearing heat and purging fire, it is used for heat in gas, and heat is not suitable for camp blood.
Those who need to be attacked and squatted are required to use the water, water, collaterals, blood circulation, and hemostasis.
Exogenous, throat is particularly unfavorable, cough and phlegm and phlegm, carbuncle sore, available for qi vomiting, qi stagnation, qi stagnation, food fullness, sweet, wet resistance and edema are hanged.
  The glycyrrhetinic acid in licorice has an adrenocortical-like effect, which has obvious antidiuretic effect. A large amount or long-term use of licorice can cause edema, hypertension, and hypokalemia.
  In the prescription, the use rate of licorice is about 50%, while in the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the use rate of licorice has reached 80%.
It can be seen that the abuse of licorice is very serious.
Improper compatibility of licorice will reduce the efficacy of the drug.
Such as licorice and berberine compatibility, berberine bitterness disappeared, with Wujing, antihypertensive effect disappeared.
  In addition, sometimes licorice is also used in large amounts.
The Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that the amount of licorice is 1.

5 to 9 grams, and most of the prescription is 12 to 15 grams.
The amount of licorice should be determined according to the condition of the disease and individual differences.
Single use slightly larger, long service should be small; qi should be light, nourishing yin should be heavy; 祛痰 should be light, detoxification should be heavy; reconciliation should be light, slow pain relief should be heavy.
However, the maximum amount cannot exceed 30 grams.
  Licorice is also divided into raw licorice and licorice, raw licorice is cold, seeing longer than heat, purging fire, detoxification, reconcile various medicines.
Glycyrrhiza uralensis is partial to make up the spleen and replenish qi, and to relieve the heart.
The two cannot be substituted.
  Glycyrrhizin (GL) is the main active ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine licorice, and has been highly valued by pharmaceutical researchers for many years.
In recent years, there have been new discoveries in pharmacological studies of glycyrrhizin and its derivatives at home and abroad, such as its anticancer effect and anti-hepatitis B virus effect.
  1.抗癌作用  研究证实,CL对黄曲霉素B1和二乙基亚硝胺致大鼠肝癌前病变的发生均有明显抑制作用,并且GL在抑制二乙基亚硝胺致肝癌前病变发生过程It has obvious protective effect on DNA repair function.
GL reduces the DNA repair function to a normal level, thereby reducing the carcinogenic effect of diethylnitrosamine, and GL can also reduce the gamma glutamate transpeptidase-positive hepatocyte proliferation of precancerous lesions.
  CL is enzymatically hydrolyzed to obtain glycyrrhetinic acid monogluconate, which has inhibitory effects on mouse skin cancer and lung cancer induced by various causes.
This component was used to inhibit the carcinogenesis of diethylnitrosamine in mice, and the control group was 87.
6% of the mice formed tumors, and the tumor formation rate of the mice given this product was only 40%, indicating that the product can significantly inhibit tumor formation.
  In vitro human tumor cell experiments also confirmed that both GL and glycyrrhetinic acid inhibit tumor cell formation.
Although their effects are weaker than the western medicine daunorubicin, 18α-GL has the strongest pharmacological activity from different experiments, and the inhibition rate of HSB-2 leukemia cells is 95%. The inhibitory effect of GL on tumor cells.Similar to 18α-GL.
The researchers believe that its role may be related to the different sources of tumor cells, and speculate that all compounds similar to the five-ring three-strand structure in nature may have anti-tumor effects.
Anti-HBV action GL inhibits hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) from moving through the Golgi region in cells, which occurs after 0-chain saccharification and before saliva modification.
The GL-treated cultured cells resulted in a change in the surface of the HBsAg particles and corresponded to the HBsAg saliva modification disorder.Because GL reduces the supplement of sialic acid, its recent effect is that HBsAg secretion of hepatitis B virus-infected cells is inhibited, thereby improving liver dysfunction in patients with hepatitis B; the long-term effect is due to the clearance of sialic acid on HBsAg particles, primaryIncreased immunity, increased antigenicity of HBsAg, and ultimately improved immune status against hepatitis B virus.

It is believed that GL has direct anti-HBV and an improvement in liver dysfunction.

  In addition, studies have confirmed that CL can activate rat liver gluconate, and its mechanism may be to change the membrane structure by reacting with membrane components or intercalating into the membrane structure.

The effect of GL on tumor necrosis factor and fatty acid synthase-mediated apoptosis was examined using the human hepatic blast cell line HepG2.

The results confirmed that GL can partially prevent the apoptosis of HcpG2 induced by tumor necrosis factor and/or actinomycin D. Although the protective mechanism of GL is not clear, it provides immunology for the degraded aminoase action of licorice in the treatment of chronic hepatitis.Explanation.

Drinking ice drinks is easy to heat stroke

Drinking ice drinks is easy to heat stroke

Experts point out that the temperature of normal people’s drinks is 8 ° C to 14 ° C.

  The hot sun is sweating, and a glass of ice water or ice drink is a great temptation.

But experts tell us that ice drinks are not suitable for quenching thirst in the summer, and a large number may easily cause disease.

  Professor Nan Qingxian of the Food College of China Agricultural University said that some people drink iced beverages to quench their thirst.

In fact, most of the water molecules in the iced beverage are in a polymerized state, and the molecular clusters are large, so it is not easy to infiltrate into the cells, while the hot beverage has a large number of single molecules, which can quickly penetrate into the cells and eliminate the lack of water in the cells.

Therefore, the thirst quenching effect of ice water or ice beverage is not as good as hot tea.

In addition, although ice beverages can bring temporary comfort, a large amount of them can cause sweat pores to leak out, make the body difficult to dissipate heat, and accumulate excess heat, which can easily cause heat stroke.

  Professor Nan pointed out that the temperature of iced drinks, iced water, cold drinks, etc. is generally 20 ° C to 30 ° C lower than the temperature in the stomach. A large number of cold drinks enter the body, which can easily stimulate the digestive tract, cause blood vessel contraction and mucosal contraction, thereby weakening gastrointestinal digestionFunction and bactericidal effect, cause insertion pain, and even cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  For the elderly, especially those with cardiovascular disease, in addition to drinking ice water, ice beverages may cause stomach discomfort, may also cause cerebrovascular distortion, and cause angina pectoris. Therefore, the elderly must not drink ice water.

In addition, people who exercise in summer should not drink ice drinks, because the blood in the body is mainly concentrated on the body surface during exercise, and the digestive system is temporarily in an anemia state. Drinking frozen drinks will strongly stimulate the injection of anemia, which will constrict blood vessels and increase anemia.

  The temperature of normal drink is 8 ℃ to 14 ℃.
On hot summer days, you can put boiled water or beverages in the refrigerator and refrigerate them slightly, but it is best not to exceed half an hour, and then put them in when you feel that they are not iced.