[How to make jelly]_Jelly_How to make_Homely

[How to make jelly]_Jelly_How to make_Homely

Now many people like to eat jelly very much, and they know that the nutritional value of jelly is very high, so everyone inevitably likes to make it by themselves at home. When making jelly, you need to pay attention to methods and techniques. Usually you need to prepareThere are mung bean starch, as well as appropriate water and a variety of pepper oil, garlic onion sauce, these are all necessary seasonings when making jelly.

The practice of Sichuan-style jelly jelly: Jelly jelly made in-house, excluding staff and various additives, feels relieved.

Material: 200ml mung bean starch (other starches are also possible, some potato starch, sweet potato starch, but the color texture will make a difference), the ratio of 1000ml water to starch is 1: 5, 200ml and 1000ml water can make LOCK1LA box of fresh-keeping boxes.

Seasoning: Laogan Mom Dou Sauce, Scallion, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Salt, Vinegar, Pepper Noodles, Chili Oil, MSG, Sugar.

Method: 1. Add 1000ml of cold water to the pot; 2. Put the mung bean starch into the water and stir well; 3. Heat the pot on the fire and stir with a spoon to keep it evenly heated.

When the starch water becomes hot, reduce the heat and stir constantly until the starch becomes transparent. When all the starch becomes transparent, turn off the heat and start again for a while, and feel sticky;In the mold, smooth it out and let it cool to form. You can also put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate. 5. Invert the formed jelly, cut into filaments or thin slices; 6. Use the old dried mung bean paste, shallot, garlic, soy sauce,The sesame oil, salt, vinegar, pepper noodles, chili oil, monosodium glutamate, and sugar are mixed into seasonings according to your taste, poured on jelly, and mixed well when eating.

A very rich tempeh sauce is used in the northern Sichuan jelly. The tempeh sauce in the seasoning is the key. The method of making the tempeh sauce is: Materials: 100 grams of black bean soup, 50 grams of bean paste in Shexian County, 50 grams of vegetable oil, and ginger 5Grams, 10 grams of sugar, a small amount of MSG, 5 grams of water starch Method: 1, chop black bean paste and Shexian Douban separately; 2, heat and put oil in the pot, put Yixian Douban into fried incense; 3, add blackStir-fry with tempeh and ginger; 4. Add sugar, MSG to taste, just simmer with water starch, and use as jelly seasoning after drying.

[Difference between fermented milk and yogurt]_Recommended diet

[Difference between fermented milk and yogurt]_Recommended diet

Yogurt is a kind of beverage that female friends especially like to drink. Yogurt has won the praise of many young and old friends for its unique taste and deliciousness. Drinking yogurt often can help your own health and can also supplement your body with calcium.

But many friends don’t know much about the difference between fermented milk and yoghurt, so it is necessary to know in advance.

Many people think that holiday milk and yogurt are the same. This is a wrong idea. The essence of yogurt and fermented milk is different.

Yogurt is derived from the further fermentation of milk. Drinking yogurt often can improve one’s ability to intervene and digestion, thereby promoting peristalsis.

However, fermented products are derived from the fermentation of dairy products, which will not have much benefit to the human body, and will not have a particularly large impact on the health of individuals.

The ingredients for yogurt and fermented milk are also different.

Fermented milk is made from fresh milk or dairy products after fermentation.

Yogurt is made directly from milk and added with glucose, glucose and other additives.

The processing technology of yogurt is much more complicated than the processing technology of fermented milk, and yogurt is a beverage with higher nutritional value.

Yogurt and fermented milk are stored differently.

Both of these beverages need to be stored under refrigerated conditions to effectively extend their shelf life.

But yogurt can also be stored at room temperature, but the connection taste will be poor.

However, if fermented milk is stored at room temperature, a series of problems such as spoilage and mold are very easy to occur.

Therefore, it is recommended that you complete it as soon as possible after opening the bag.

Drinking some fermented milk or yogurt in your daily life is beneficial to itself, but drinking more yogurt for female friends can also help improve your skin.

Appropriate drinking some yogurt can replenish the calcium ions required in the body while enjoying the delicious taste, reducing the chance of a series of problems such as osteoporosis and short stature.

[Fried mushrooms with asparagus]_Sautéed mushrooms with asparagus

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Qingdao Haier (600690) Annual Report Comments: Revenue Exceeds Expectations, Maintains Good Growth

Qingdao Haier (600690) Annual Report Comments: Revenue Exceeds Expectations, Maintains Good Growth
The revenue growth exceeded expectations and the profitability was basically stable. The company disclosed its 2018 annual report: the company realized revenue of 1833 in 2018.200 million (+12 year-on-year.2%), achieving net profit of 74%.400 million (+7 year-on-year.7%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 4.1% (YoY-0.2pct); of which, in Q4 2018, it achieved revenue of 451.800 million (+ 10% year-on-year.4%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 13.10,000 yuan (YoY + 0.7%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 2.9% (YoY-0.3 pct), revenue growth exceeded expectations; the company plans to distribute cash dividends of 3 per 10 shares.51 yuan, corresponding to a dividend distribution rate of 30.0%. The company disclosed the first quarter report of 2019: the company achieved revenue of 480 in Q1 2019.400 million (+10 compared to the same period last year).2%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 21.400 million (+9 compared with the same period last year).4%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 4.4% (YoY-0.03pct), revenue growth exceeded expectations.It is obvious that on January 4, 2019, the company completed the acquisition of Candy through the acquisition of Candy, according to 2017 Candy Revenue11.The exchange rate of 500 million Euros, the 2019Q1 consolidated contribution to the company’s revenue is about 2 billion, and future synergies will promote the company’s better growth. In 2018, the performance of each sector was good. Casa Di and Captain continued to grow brightly. (1) White electricity: Air conditioners, 南宁桑拿 refrigerators, washing machines, and integrated channels achieved revenue of 317.7/543.4/362.7/257.600 million (+10 compared to the same period last year).8% / + 14.9% / + 19.6% / + 26.3%); (2) Kitchen appliances: kitchen appliances, water heaters realized income of 249.5/79.20,000 yuan (+19 compared with the same period last year).2% / + 7.0%) (3) Internal and external sales: 1058 in revenue.2/766.80,000 yuan (+16 compared with the same period last year).6% / 14.1%) by brand: Casa Di’s brand revenue increased by 44%, while the commander’s brand revenue increased by 30%; market share continued to increase, high-end + global synergy continued to promote Zhongyikang data shows that the company’s ice, washing, and empty in 2018,The offline market share of water heaters, hoods, and cookers increased by 3 respectively.5/3.7/0.4/1.2/1.0/0.重庆耍耍网7pct, of which the average retail price of ice, washing, and empty reached 4869/3212/4240 yuan (+11 year-on-year).5% / +11.5% / + 5.6%); the company’s procurement collaboration has gradually completed 412 new projects, global procurement of big data systems, reorganization and optimization of libraries has been completed, and the procurement collaborative operation platform has also begun to pilot.Against this background: 2018: Gross profit margin fell to 29.0% (YoY-2.0pct), during which the expense ratio goes down simultaneously, sales, management, and financial expense ratio reach 15.6% / 7.3% / 0.5% (-2% YoY).1 / +0.3 / -0.4pct); Among them, the simultaneous decline in gross profit margin and sales expense rate ultimately lies in the reclassification of logistics expenses; in the first quarter of 2019: the gross profit margin returned to 29.1% (+0 compared to the same period last year).5pct), the expense ratio increased slightly during the period, sales, management, and financial expense ratio reached 15.0% / 7.1% / 0.9% (+0 year-on-year.3 / +0.6 / -0.2pct). Profit forecast predicts that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 82.0/91.6/102.30,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.2% / 118% / 11.7%, the latest closing price corresponding to the 2019 PE estimate is 13.0x, given the company’s forward-looking strategic layout and the expectation of continuous improvement in future operations, the company will be given May 15, 2019.0xPE is the same as the 2019 PE estimate of the comparable company Midea Group, which corresponds to a reasonable value of 19.35 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks indicate the price of raw materials and the rate of change of exchange rates; forecasts of the overall growth rate of the economy and consumption; agency risks.

Xinbao (002705) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Revenue and Profits Are Better Than Expected

Xinbao (002705) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Revenue and Profits Are Better Than Expected

Event: Xinbao Co., Ltd. released its 2019 Interim Report, achieving a total operating income of 40 in 2019H1.

4 trillion, +7 a year.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

4 ‰, one year +73.


Among them, the total operating income in a single quarter of 19Q2 was 21.

600 million, ten years +11.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

52 ppm, +59 a year.


The company’s 19Q2 revenue growth rate increased significantly, mainly due to the rapid recovery of export orders, the growth rate of 19H1 net profit growth exceeded the performance forecast upper limit (+ 70%), and the net profit of 19Q2 was better than market expectations.

Opinion: Revenue analysis: Export orders resumed growth, and total revenue rebounded to 11 in 19Q2.

2% export orders resumed, driving growth to pick up.

Since 2017H2, exchange rate fluctuations have increased, uncertain factors such as trade tariffs have increased, orders for small household appliances from overseas customers have decreased, and company orders have been compromised, leading to low fluctuations in the growth rate of export sales.

Due to the next serious shortage in the previous period, overseas customers’ inventory replenishment and replenishment demand during the peak season are clear. Therefore, the company’s export order interval growth rate in 19Q2 resumed to 8?
9%, and continued until the end of the year, so the company’s revenue growth rate in the next 2 quarters rebounded.

Mofei has more than doubled its growth, and the domestic sales revenue has explosively reset.

In 2019H1, the domestic sales revenue of the company increased by 29%, mainly due to the rapid growth of internal independent brand revenue. In particular, Mofei benefited from new product reserves and emerging channel opportunities. In the first half of the year, its revenue reached about 2 million, which exceeded the previous year’s highest value and contributed to domestic sales.About half of the income increase.

Other domestic brand businesses such as Dongling and ODM also contributed in part.

Revenue outlook: The export is the shield and the domestic sales is the spear. In 2019H2 revenue is expected to grow by about 10%.

As the restocking demand for overseas customers during the peak season is expected to continue until the end of the year, the company’s revenue growth trend in the next two quarters has clearly expanded.

In 2019, the self-owned brand Mofei experienced rapid growth after adjustment. It is more likely that revenue will more than double, and domestic sales revenue is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

Taken together, the company’s revenue in 2019H2 will increase by about 10%, and the growth rate of 2019H1 will increase.

Profit analysis: The exchange rate and cost are improving, the profitability elasticity index exchange rate and cost continue to contribute positively, and the net profit margin in 19H1 rises to 5.


The company faced the dual challenges of rising costs (plastics and packaging, etc.) and the appreciation of the exchange rate of RMB against USD and USD in 18H1. The profitability was under pressure. The above-mentioned costs and exchange rate factors in 19H1 led to improvement, so the company’s gross profit margin for 19H1 decreased by +2.

8pct, meanwhile, the financial expense ratio decreased slightly by 0.

3pct, the sales expense ratio increases by 1 every year due to the increase in incentives for the domestic sales team.


The final 19H1 net interest rate ceiling is +2.

3 points to 5.


Profit outlook: It is expected that the long-term return to net profit will achieve a growth of more than 20%.

Due to the relatively high proportion of exports and the impact of exchange rates on the company’s profitability, 18Q2?
3 Profitability obviously benefited from the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate, and the profit base was relatively high. Entering 19Q3, the exchange rate of the RMB to the US dollar also decreased. At present, the profit pressure caused by fluctuations in the exchange rate of 19Q3 is not great.

Benefiting from factors such as cost dividends and a higher proportion of domestic sales with higher gross profit margins, it is expected that the profitability of 19H2 companies will increase steadily and gradually return to the parent net profit to achieve a growth of more than 20%.

The introduction of the incentive fund scheme, anchored profits and domestic sales revenue growth target company also announced the “Annual Performance Incentive Fund Plan Management Measures”, when the company’s annual performance evaluation indicators meet the conditions, the company will be based on a certain percentage of the company’s supplementary net profit annual performance incentive fundThe incentive plan that rewards eligible incentive objects will be implemented from 2019, and the implementation period is tentatively set to 3 years, that is, 2019-2021.

Withdrawal amount of performance incentive fund = (Assessed net profit realized in the current year-Audited net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 20185.
30,000 yuan) × 30%, with a maximum of 40 million yuan in a single year.

The company’s annual operating performance assessment indicators need to meet both the assessment of net profit and the domestic main income target before the annual performance incentive fund can be accrued.
Judging from the assessment indicators, the net profit needs to achieve 15% / 13% / 11% growth in the next three years, while the domestic main income needs to achieve 20% / 17% / 14% growth goals. The company ‘s net profit in the next three yearsThe growth of profits and domestic income is highly certain.

Earnings forecast, 南宁桑拿 forecast and rating and the company’s 19Q2 revenue growth significantly improved month-on-month, mainly due to the rapid growth of export orders resumed, 19H1 net profit exceeded growth rate exceeded the performance forecast upper limit (+ 70%), better than market expectations.

The growth rate of H2 revenue in 2019 is expected to increase to about 10%. It is expected that the profitability of 19H2 companies will increase steadily, and the net profit of the mother company will gradually increase by more than 20%.

Due to the resumption of export orders and the diminishing value of the RMB against the US dollar, the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 is raised to zero.



89 yuan (previous forecast was 0.



88 yuan), corresponding to PE is 15/15/13 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: Increased tariffs affect export orders and profitability.

The success of the interview depends on the temperament

The success of the interview depends on the temperament

“Interviews are the most important stage in a job search. I check the temperament and basic business qualities of the candidate.

Of course, from the moment the candidate entered the company, I had already started the assessment.

“Mr. Wang Weiling, deputy general manager of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (China), responsible for the company’s personnel affairs, said.

  As a “Fortune 500” world-renowned multinational company, it has its own unique method of interviewing talents.

In Wang Weiling’s words: The interview process is a process of making friends. There are no fixed questions and forms, which vary from person to person.

  ”The success of the interview may be decided in the first 3 seconds after you step into the door.

The first assessment of the interview is the applicant’s external temperament, the candidate’s clothing, hairstyle, walking, and greetings to the interviewer, the behavior of picking up and sending documents, these inadvertently completed actions are the company’s investigation of their external temperamentprocess.

“Wang Weiling said that most candidates, especially fresh graduates, are putting too much emphasis on questions that may be asked during interviews when preparing for interviews, spending a lot of time preparing answers, but ignoring demeanor, etc.”Trivia “.
However, the company’s interviewers will not miss any opportunity to examine the candidates.

In general, applicants should be neat, generous, and decent, and not necessarily wear suits and ties. They can be casual, but there are some other exaggerated clothing. If you wear ragged jeans, etc., it is definitely not welcome.of.

Salary and love of postmodern women

Salary and love of postmodern women

The era known as “her century” has quietly arrived.

There was a lyrics “I am responsible for making money, and you are responsible for beauty and enchantment”, which was sneered by a group of self-improving and self-supporting women.

Now, when the talent market is crowded with female college students looking for food, there are more female college students involved in matchmaking than ever before.

  So, what kind of considerations do postmodern women have regarding alternatives of “salary” and “love”?

  The choice between fish and bear’s paw Kerui Management Consulting Co., Ltd. recently conducted a questionnaire survey of 1,200 female professional managers between the ages of 25 and 40 with a college degree or above.Salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary,Salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary increase to 51%.

As people grow older, those who value salary more than love further decline, while other scores are gradually rising; for women such as 37-40, women who believe love is more important than salaryIt rose to the highest level at one time, accounting for 53%. At the same time, although love and salary were considered as important, although it has improved, it also accounted for 41%, nearly half.

The rise and fall of numbers are the rise and replacement of the proportion of people of different ages and backgrounds in love and career.

  Facing a different case, professional women in financial age have different views on career and love. Mr. Bingbin, the chief career consultant of Kerui Management Consulting Co., Ltd., has conducted a professional analysis.Years old, has been working in a transportation company since graduating from high school, and the income is pretty good. She thinks that girls marry prematurely is a waste: “A woman’s best youth is when she is 20 to 30 years old. You should take advantage of thisWork well in stages and enjoy life freely. If you have to bring your children so fast, I don’t think it is worthwhile to deal with chai oil and salt.

Get married after 30 years.

Analysis by Mr. Bingbin Wu: The 25- to 28-year-old belong to the “Y” generation. They live in the age of television and the Internet. They are avant-garde, can easily access information resources, easily accept new things and perspectives, and have strong individualsConsciousness of development, autonomy and equality in development, easy dialogue, and greater dependence on materiality.

In terms of position, it is still just a general manager. The development of his career has higher requirements for the ability to improve.

No matter the external pressure or the manifestation of internal personality, they make them like a high-speed train, tired in the workplace.

  Financial adviser Zhang: 30-year-old Zhang frankly said that she and her lawyer boyfriend had passed the sweet talk, Qingqing my age, they introduced each other for 10 months, and gradually caused the marriage event very rationally.

They didn’t have any feelings about marriage because they felt that something was missing from their relationship.

It’s as natural as when it’s time to eat.

Ms. Zhang said that both of them treat love with the same meticulous care as work.

Because they feel very similar to each other, they have common life goals, consumption ideas, and conditions that are right for others, and more importantly, they all have a certain career foundation. It is time to get married, so they believe that each other is the most suitable.The opponent’s.

  Mr. Bingbin’s analysis: For women aged 29-32, long-term work brings psychological pressure on them, their lifestyles are not healthy enough, and some people lose more intense consequences after material requirements reach a certain level.The influence of age, more people are willing to take care of family and career, and develop together.

  Manager Assistant MissZhao: The 34-year-old Miss Chao has changed 5 foreign companies. The salary change has become more and more effective, and she seems to be a good employee of the department. Everything seems to be going well. The only annoying problem now is marriage.

I scored with my surrounding girlfriends, my appearance, temperament is not bad, and my ability to work and live is not bad. Why is it still solo?

Maybe Miss Chao can only have the answer if she thinks out of her own affairs.

  Mr. Bingbin’s analysis: Women in the age group of 34-37 have passed their adolescence, and the success of their careers is basically clear. The dependence on the family and the desire to return to the family have made more women meaningful for the family.warm.

When women reach the age range of 38-40 years old, regardless of the success of their careers, their worldview, outlook on life, values have been determined, the material foundation and social dimensions have been clarified, and their survival status has been very stable. Therefore, some women,And a high level of life satisfaction.

  In response to the increasing phenomenon of “love first, then talk about salary” of OLs, Mr. Wu Bingbin believes that, first of all, the increasing competitive pressure in modern society has caused women to dare not have the slightest slack, and because of the physicalThe reason is that having children will definitely bring great disruption to the continuity of career development, and starting a family before starting a business can prevent this from happening on a large scale.

Of course, under the high pressure of competition, women are increasingly considering designing future careers based on their physiological characteristics, so that there is a better combination of female and work traits .

How to eat healthy foods for different people

How to eat healthy foods for different people

I’m usually too busy to work and can only eat fast food; how easy is it to go to the weekend and not toil my stomach?

This state of eating, I believe many urban people will not feel strange.

However, too much nutrition, eating too much fine, and irrational dietary structure are causing more and more diseases.

How can we prevent the food we eat from eventually becoming poisonous in our bodies?

Lu Xiong, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that you might be a “omnivorous animal” and eat more grains.

  Short-term + over-nutrition and over-nutrition in the restaurant. Heir to the nation’s experience of old traditional Chinese medicine, director of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Metabolism Department of Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the popularity of fast-food culture has led many white-collar workers to regularly take in excess nutrition; various meals.It also makes too many people who are too busy to entertain eat too long. In addition, modern people often exercise too little and their digestion is poor. The “good things” they eat cannot be absorbed, but they become toxic substances in the body.Into disease. ”

  Lu Xiong pointed out that the relationship between diet and disease has been valued in ancient times.

“Thousands of years ago, the ancients knew that eating too much, too good, would also cause serious illness.

Nowadays, diet-related diseases such as diabetes are very common, which is enough to prove the ancestor’s point is very reasonable.

“To be a” omnivorous animal “on the weekend” The best way to stay away from these diseases caused by improper diet is to eat more grains.

Lu Xiong said that the “grain cereals” he was referring to were not a few grains and grains in a narrow sense, but a variety of “omnivorous foods” such as cereals, beans, coarse grains, and wild vegetables in a broad sense.

  ”Sweet potatoes such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and wild vegetables such as sweet potato leaves and pepper leaves are good foods for urban people who usually eat too fine. In summer, when the soup is hot and humid, put some barley.Lentils, eyebrows, red beans, etc., can also maintain the spleen and dampness, clearing heat and removing heat.

Lu Xiong said, usually do not use rice when cooking porridge and rice. Instead, add some cereals or beans such as corn and cook them together, which is good-looking and adds nutrition.

  Reminder: Special Populations Must Have Choices Lu Xiong also reminded that some special populations, such as patients with diabetes and patients with kidney disease, should have choices when eating miscellaneous grains.

“Diabetic patients should choose cereals with an increased glycemic index, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Patients with kidney disease should pay attention to protein absorption. When selecting beans, foods with higher protein content such as soybeans should be reduced.

“” It’s not good to eat miscellaneous grains, but you can’t eat more.

Lu Xiong reminded that the effects of different grains are different, and the suitable groups are different.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different colors of food have different effects.

Usually, black enters the kidney, red enters the blood, yellow enters the spleen, cyan enters the liver, and white enters the lungs.

Therefore, red dates and other foods are more suitable for women, and mung beans and other foods have the effect of relieving liver and clearing heat.

How to eat whole grains

Children: Recommended mainly for scarcity: mung bean porridge, Huaishan flour, Poria cake. Children often have insufficient spleen and incompleteness, which determines that they need more comprehensive nutrition.

In addition to breast milk, porridge and other staple foods, appropriate feeding of groceries to infants and young children can supplement different nutrition.

“If your child starts drinking porridge, you can add mung beans, kelp, red beans, etc. to the porridge. When the weather is hot, it can relieve the heat and provide a variety of trace elements.

“” However, children must eat small amounts of cereals and cook them thinner.

“Lu Xiong reminded that due to the poor spleen and stomach function of children, when adding miscellaneous grains, it should be based on strengthening the spleen.” For example, Huaishan noodles are easy to brew and have spleen strengthening effect.In ancient courts, it was still a snack for princes and princesses. ”


Elderly: Recommended mainly for rotten: millet porridge, rice cakes, “elderly blood”, “deterioration of body shape” in the elderly, physical function began to weaken, and the spleen and stomach were not good.

Therefore, the principle of eating less and eating more food should be observed when eating miscellaneous grains.

In order to facilitate digestion and absorption, also pay attention to cooking food as much as possible, rotten.

  Elderly people usually do not have much activity. Lu Xiong suggested that you can eat some grains outside of three meals a day. “Eat a few grains of peanuts, a few pieces of rice cakes, and some millet porridge.

“For the deterioration of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in the elderly, you can also eat some heart-friendly foods such as peach kernels and almonds.


Women: Recommended for nourishing blood: Red dates, black beans, and wormwood women’s biggest physiological feature is menstruation.

Therefore, in addition to the staple food, women can eat more red dates, medlars, red beans, cooked land, black beans and other foods that have blood-enriching effects, and use them as soup or porridge.

  Lu Xiong reminded that women “should be cleaned before menstruation and supplemented after menstruation.”

“Women with hypogas have better absorption after menstruation.

He suggested that women can eat red dates, medlars, bouillon soup or boiled eggs after menstruation; if postpartum women need blood, try black beans and pig hands, etc. Cantonese like “Ginger Vinegar (Pork Feet Ginger)””Also falls into this category.  4.

Men: Stomach nourishing is mainly recommended: Hawthorn, tangerine peel, tartary buckwheat tea males are “masculine bodies”, which is relatively hot, plus the general male activity is reduced, so that they are in a more tense state, so the body is easy to overcome.

“Modern men are more socially entertained and under-eating, but most of them are big fish and meat, so they need to eat more grains.

Lu Xiong believes that men should pay attention to nourishing their stomachs. He recommends that men with more entertainment can eat foods that are good for spleen and spleen, such as hawthorn cake, bitter buckwheat tea, or dried peel.

Cyber demonization increases children’s psychological stress

Cyber demonization increases children’s psychological stress

Internet addicts have some kind of ambivalence. They have long been in a sense of self-blame and guilt caused by habit disorders and loss of self-control.

Demonizing “Internet demonization” will inevitably deepen their guilt and deepen their moral standards.

Cases of young people committing suicide due to internet addiction often occur. This is the extreme behavior of children caused by guilt, self-blame, and other psychological pressures to an unsolvable level.

  Teacher Li Yizheng said, “Exaggerated rendering and exaggeration of the harm of online or online games will not help solve the problem, and will only have more adverse effects.

We should take a rational view of online and online games, attribute them properly, treat them calmly and actively help children everywhere.

Love for children is more conducive to making children addicted to the Internet than hate for the Internet!

Appropriate for warm and healthy body in late autumn

Appropriate for warm and healthy body in late autumn

With the advent of frost and solar terms, the temperature will further decrease. In order to prevent cold and keep warm, too many people will choose to eat spicy food. Not only can it be seasoned to make it more delicious, but more importantly it can promote blood circulation and warm the body.

But if you eat too much spicy food, it will also bring “negative effects”, so how can you eat spicy food when it is cold?

  Pepper can be VC, can increase metabolism. When it comes to spicy food, pepper is the first ingredient.

In traditional Chinese medicine, hot pepper flavor is hot and mild, can warm the stomach, disperse cold and dryness, and sweat. It is commonly used for spleen and stomach deficiency, loss of appetite, cold feeling in the abdomen, and dilute water.

From a nutritional point of view, peppers are rich in vitamin C, β-carotene, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium; capsaicin in peppers also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which reduces vitamins, certain tumors, and otherThe risk of some chronic diseases that increase with age; it has been found in several human trials that meals with peppers can increase the body’s energy expenditure and help lose weight.

  In the autumn and winter seasons, people like to eat spicy foods, and there are several other reasons: First, spicy foods have Tongli lungs, Tongda table, and the “three links” function of the bloodstream. In the autumn and winter seasons, colds and other diseasesIn high-incidence period, eating spicy food can effectively improve immunity and prevent colds.

  Basically, “Materia Medica” says that pepper can warm the spleen and stomach.

If you experience vomiting, diarrhea, or stomachache in cold weather, you can eat some peppers.

The weather is extremely cold in autumn and winter, especially women are very prone to cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea and other conditions. Eating spicy food properly can moderate the temperature, increase body temperature, and alleviate the pain caused by severe cold and dysmenorrhea.

  Finally, peppers have certain medicinal properties, so they can “remove wind, sweat, phlegm, and dehumidify.”

“According to modern medicine, it can promote blood circulation, improve fear of cold, frostbite, and vascular headache.

Once the blood circulation speeds up, a person’s body temperature can rise quickly, so as to achieve the effect of expelling cold and preventing cold.

  Peppers can’t be eaten too much. If you eat spicy and choose other ingredients, the spicy substance in pepper is a capsaicin collectively called capsaicin, which is a substance with a strong stimulating effect.

When people eat spicy food, this irritation will continue throughout the digestive tract from the oral cavity. Therefore, if too much pepper is consumed, a large amount of capsaicin will cause irritation of the mucous membranes, cause hyperemia, accelerated peristalsis, cause stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea cancer, Anal burning, tingling, cause prostate disease, prevent hemorrhoid bleeding.

Therefore, anyone suffering from esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers and hemorrhoids should eat less or avoid chili.

  However, there are more than one kind of peppers that can produce spicy flavors. Some other ingredients can also achieve the same therapeutic effect as peppers, and they are less irritating and mild to people. Therefore, everyone who likes spicy foods does not hinder the look and use more.Other ingredients.
  Pepper is divided into black pepper and white pepper, which is a favorite condiment.

Can be used as a spice, can be preserved, can be used as a seasoning, or even used as medicine.

The effect of pepper is similar to that of pepper, but less irritating.

Indications include cold phlegm and food accumulation, cold abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold diarrhea.

External application for sores, snake bites, dog bites, and food poisoning.

The smell of pepper can increase appetite, and has a good relief effect on cold and abdominal pain caused by cold, and bowel diarrhea, so as to treat cold and cold.

Black pepper has a stronger spicy taste than white pepper. It has a spicy flavor and deodorization. It is more used for cooking internal organs, seafood seasoning, white pepper has a medicinal value breakthrough, can dispel cold, and strengthen the stomach.Appetite, help digestion, promote sweating; can also improve leucorrhea and epilepsy in women.

  Ginger ginger has a mild taste, has a variety of effects such as cold sweating, phlegm relieving cough, and stomach, antiemetic, and other functions. When vomiting, spleen and stomach are cold, ginger juice is often boiled.

If you catch a cold due to cold, drink some ginger soup to increase blood circulation and make your whole body warm, which will help expel the cold in your body.

When the weather is cold in autumn and winter, you may wish to make some ginger tea to keep the cold warm.

  Mustard mustard is generally divided into green mustard and yellow mustard. Mustard is slightly bitter, spicy and fragrant, and has a strong stimulus to the tongue. The taste is very unique. The mustard powder can have an aroma after the spray., Olfactory stimulus.

Green mustard and yellow mustard are two completely different seasonings.

Yellow mustard originated in China. It is ground from the seeds of mustard and is yellow and slightly bitter. It is a common spicy seasoning and is mostly used as a salad.

In addition to seasoning, folks also use yellow mustard orally to treat vomiting, subumbilical colic, and external application to treat arthritis.

Mustard has a strong spicy taste and has a regulating stimulating effect, which can regulate female endocrine and enhance sexual function, and can also stimulate vasodilation, enhance facial blood flow, and make women’s complexion more ruddy.