German Weimar Onion Festival cake also eats onion flavor


German Weimar Onion Festival cake also eats onion flavor


The city originally located in central Germany should be considered a small city, but it is world-famous for the German national poets Goethe and Schiller who lived here. The sculpture of the great man standing in front of the German National Drama Theatre has now becomeThe symbol of Weimar.

This city full of history is deeply attracting guests from all over the world.

Here you can follow the celebrity’s footsteps and explore and taste the history of Germany.

銆€銆€However, Weimar’s most attractive festivals are folk festivals!

On the weekend of the Weimar 鈥淥nion Market Festival鈥? the number of visitors exceeded the number of visitors to the Goethe residence.

銆€銆€Every year for the first weekend in October, the city is suddenly transformed into a colorful market square.

The Weimar Onion Fair has a history of nearly 360 years, so it is far older and more traditional than Munich’s Oktoberfest, and is one of the most prestigious folk festivals in Germany.

銆€銆€In the mid-19th century, the festival, formerly known as the 鈥淔arm and Onion Market鈥? gradually developed into an onion procurement center throughout central Germany.

Even Goethe can’t resist the magic of onions.

According to legend, he thought of fixing the purchased onion cone on the writing desk and using it to decorate his house. He also praised the health function of the onion.

銆€銆€Weimar will welcome more than 300,000 visitors every year on the second weekend of October.

In addition to the fascinating delicacies of the Weimar Street alleys and squares, as well as the lively and bustling traditional market landscape, the cultural and entertainment programs also deeply attract visitors and create a city where the city is dominated by dignity.A unique atmosphere that is not easily destroyed.

On the night market of the onion market, visitors can easily and easily 鈥渇ollow the flow鈥?and can carry the Weimen Street alleys and the crowds on the square.

Especially recommended are the onion-themed delicacies: the most famous of them is Weimar’s onion cake, which is the best that has just been baked from the oven.

銆€銆€The crowning ceremony of the Queen of the Antique Onion Fair will be held the week before the Onion Fair.

It is not enough to have a commensurate appearance in the Queen’s colonial competition.

Young ladies must also be proficient in Weimar’s knowledge of the city and onions, and should be able to speak and answer.

They will experience the most exciting moments at the onion market.